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About Dr. Alice Adee


Dr. Alice Adee is a well-known physician in Hawaii. She has been in practice in Hilo since 1993. She attended University of California, Davis School of Medicine. She then completed a residency in Family and Community Medicine at University of Nevada, Reno. She has maintained board-certification in Family Medicine ever since.

She has always had a focus on skin surgery and women’s health. In 1999, she began taking courses in aesthetics (cosmetic injections and laser treatments) and added this to her practice. An initial consultation evaluates the patient’s history and any relevant medical conditions that could affect the skin and future treatments. Her office team assists in developing a customized program for each patient that takes into account lifestyle and budget.

Dr. Adee says, “I bring a family practitioner’s approach to skin care and aesthetics that most patients greatly appreciate. We treat the whole patient and strive to make patients as relaxed and comfortable as possible during procedures.”

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