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MonaLisa Touch


Dr. Adee has added a leading edge treatment to her practice that can resolve gynecologic health issues often caused by menopause. The MonaLisa Touch is an in-office procedure that is quick, painless and requires no anesthesia. It received FDA clearance in 204, but has been in use in Europe since 2010. Dr. Adee is the first physician in Hilo to offer the special fractional C02 laser designed to help menopausal women and breast cancer survivors.

When estrogen levels decline, whether from natural menopause, ovarian surgery or breast cancer medication, the skin of the vaginal walls begins to thin and produce less moisture. This can cause dryness, pain (especially with sex), urinary problems and recurrent infections. The only current treatments contain estrogen which some women cannot or don’t wish to take. Estrogen treatment is not always effective and can be messy and expensive.

Enter MonaLisa Touch, the most recent innovation introduced by Cynosure, a worldwide leader in the laser marketplace. Performed in an office environment, the laser delivers fractional C02 laser energy to the vaginal tissue, so cells make more collagen. Patients undergo 2-3 treatments initially spaced 6 weeks apart. Maintenance treatment annually is then recommended.

Recent studies proved dramatic improvements in the vaginal tissue and decreased symptoms in over 90% of patients after the first treatment. Patients in the studies experienced minimal or no side effects or adverse reactions. Results improved with each subsequent treatment. With these kind of outcomes, MonaLisa is a game-changing procedure for menopausal patients.

PATIENT QUOTE:  “MonaLisa changed my life. After just one treatment I can do jumping jacks without leaking and my sex life is better than ever. My husband is as  thrilled as I am!”