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Stop Blaming Yourself

Cellulite is a skin condition that affects more than 85% of women Cellulite does not result from poor diet or lack of exercise. Increased body fat does not account for the appearance of cellulite. The development of cellulite is primarily caused by:  hormones, vascular changes and inflammation.

It’s not your fault and you don’t have to live with lumps, bumps and dimples–  Alice Adee MD has the solution – the only Smooth shapes cellulite reduction machine in the state is right here in Hilo!

Smooth Shapes is laser technology that safely and quickly improves the look of cellulite in thighs, stomach, butt, or wherever you have it.

This pain free treatment uses laser and light energy to liquefy fat in the enlarged cells and repair brittle collagen. Collagen is regenerated, circulation is improved and restored. The contoured rollers and vacuum massage assist in moving the liquefied fat out through the lymphatic system and smooths the appearance of the skin. With just a few treatments, you’ll see lasting results. Call us for an introductory treatment, and see results for yourself.


SmoothShapes FAQ

What does the SmoothShapes system treat and how does it work?

Smoothshapes improves the appearance of cellulite. It combines dynamic laser and light energy with mechanical massage and suction to specifically impact the tissue componenets responsible for the appearance of cellulite.

Do the treatments hurt?

SmoothShapes feels like a deep tissue massage with a warm sensation in the area being treated. You may have redness in the treated areas for a few hours following treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

Typical treatments are 20 minutes for a set of body parts (back of legs or buttocks)  Timing and fees vary by the number of areas a patient is concerned about. Your consultation will include a full discussion of treatment areas.

What body parts can be treated with SmoothShapes?

SmoothShapes is ideal for creating smooth hips, thingsh, waist, buttocks, knees, back and abdomen.  Discuss your custom treatment plan with your SmoothShapes provider.

How should I prepare before treatment?

Remove all body oil, lotions and tanning products, shave and use a body scrub before each appointment.